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Whitelisting Emails
Are You Not Receiving Emails?
New Website and Email Firewalls Block Many
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Fall, 2016

As MTAP members know, we email the bi-weekly newsletter and also email news updates to you frequently. This is our primary communications tool and a vital asset to your membership. Recently, some email services have responded to federal government spamming laws by enhancing their email filtering systems to prevent “suspicious” emails from landing in customer inboxes. Unfortunately, some of these new filters interpret mass-produced emails like ours as spam, and they either divert them to a spam box or reject them outright from being received.

If you are not receiving email messages we have been sending you via or (both part of our Michigan Tax and Accounting Professionals website at, here are two great articles that easily walk you through that process of “whitelisting” our email addresses and solving the problem:

If you are using a private server or ghosting your email through an email service
(ex. routes through a server) and the whitelisting process does not resolve the problem, you should consult your technology staff to see how the system can be adjusted to recognize our IP address so our emails can get through to you.

Even after whitelisting our addresses and re-establishing email receipt of our messages, your system may periodically bounce emails into spam. I personally have noted this when receiving email messages from reputable organizations like NSA, NATP, AICPA, and various accounting and tax news services. To combat this, I check my spam box EVERY DAY and when I find a message that has been incorrectly bounced into it, I designate it as “NOT SPAM” so it is directed back into my inbox, which reaffirms the “whitelisting” of this email address.

Email is the primary means of communicating with our MTAP community of members. If you are not receiving our e-newsletter, news alerts, and other related communications, you are missing a valuable perk to your MTAP membership.
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