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Understanding the COVID Stimulus Bills - 3-3-30
Information and Resources to Help You
Understand the Stimulus Bills for Clients

Information MTAP has Compiled for Distribution on March 30

Following are overviews, analyses, and other resources on the CARES Act and other stimulus initiatives passed by Congress that can help you quickly come up to speed and advise your business and individual clients:

The Sundstrom View: We've Got Answers on Small Business Loans Under COVID!

Client Aid: How Much Will I get in a Stimulus Check? A Helpful Calculator - 3-30-2020

CARES ACT Summary of Tax Provisions by NSA - 3-26-2020

Related Article: CARES ACT Tax Provisions Aim to Stabilize Economy - 3-30-2020

CARES ACT Highlights and Analysis by NSA - 3-30-2020

CARES ACT Update for Small Business by House of Representatives - 3-29-2020

Coronavirus Loan Programs - Guide and Checklists - 3-30-2020

Article: Pandemic Relief for Covered by Section 139 Programs - 3-30-2020

Article: Understanding Paid Sick Leave Under Coronavirus - 3-30-2020

Article: Impact of Coronavirus on Retirement Plans - 3-30-2020

Article: IRS Practitioner Priority Service and Other Services Suspended
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