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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
Major Tax Reform a Reality
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by Jon A. Hayes, Executive Director

December 22, 2017 –– It is now official. The Republican-controlled Congress has finally passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, major tax reform that substantively redefines individual and business tax code. President Donald Trump signed the legislation into law this morning. The law takes effect on January 1, 2018. It DOES NOT impact Tax Year 2017 or the filings taxpayers make for that year.

The legislation passed strictly along party lines with no Democrats supporting the bill in what the GOP is hailing as its most important action in decades.

Great Handout for Clients . . .

To quickly bring your clients up to date on the new tax law, MTAP has prepared a vey helpful handout you can copy and print or include as a link in electronic correspondence with your clients:

Overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

More Background on the New Tax Law

MTAP recommends the following informative analyses from the Journal of Accountancy for practitioner study:

What the Tax Reform Bill Means for Individuals
How the Tax Overhaul will Change Business Taxes

Here's another perspective on how the tax bill could impact you and your clients:

What Trump's Tax Bill Means in One Simple Chart

And here are some more interesting takes on how the massive tax change will be implemented and administered:

Republicans Admit Tax Bill Will Need Technical Corrections
IRS Will Spend Years Trying to Stop 'Gaming of the System'

Finally, here is a nice tax calculator you can use to show clients how the new tax law, brackets, and exemptions could impact their 2018 tax obligations:

Tax Plan Calculator by Maxim Lott

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MTAP Busy Planning Education in 2018

There is no doubt this major tax overhaul requires intensive education and training for practitioners, and MTAP has already begun the process of assembling a slate of education programs that will not only teach the new individual and business tax changes, but also show practitioners how to adjust the services they offer to maintain and increase revenue potential.

Look for great programs next summer and fall that are guaranteed to prepare you for the largest tax reform in 30 years!

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