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  • Access to our valuable “members only” resources like discounts on insurances, credentials training, healthcare decreases for small business clients, and more. In addition, you can access our large archive of sample engagement letters, practice growth white papers, and other aids guaranteed to give you an edge over competitors.
  • Steep discounts when registering colleagues and employees for our GEAR UP seminars. When you register multiple firm members for one of our 2015 seminars, each registrant saves $75. Sign two employees up in 2015 and you’ve covered your cost of membership AND saved $53 on fees!  (Beginning in 2016, the member employee rate to MTAP-sponsored live seminars will be eliminated. Associate membership at $27 per additional firm registrant will be required to receive disscounted seminar rates.) 
  • Steeper Discounts and Savings for enrolling employees as MTAP members for just $27 each! That’s right, if you sign your employees up as Associate Members at just $27 each, their seminar fee savings increase to $95 in 2015. Plus, Associate Members enjoy great services like discounts on auto and homeowners insurance, the industry’s best credentials training at discounted prices, and access to the members only section of our website where they can access aids and participate in growing community features.
  • Representation in Michigan state government and with the Internal Revenue Service . . . from the halls of the state legislature to offices in the Michigan Department of Treasury, Michigan Unemployment Agency, and the IRS, we help you find answers. If a client case has stalled, we’ll use our extensive contacts to find a “connection” that gets you back on the road to a resolution. And our active participation in strategic government liaison groups  insures your voice is heard, steps are taken to improve the system, and valuable information reaches you quickly.
  • Participation in virtual community activities. MTAP members bring vast experience and knowledge to our community, and they willingly share to help you grow and prosper in this complex and changing industry. Participating in virtual groups gives you quick access to information that can make or break a client case or a practice growth decision. Make it a point to participate.

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If you answered YES, then you should enroll those employees as Associate Members in MTAP.        Beginning in 2016, MTAP will no longer offer an “employee member rate” for seminars. Only employees who are MTAP Associate Members will receive a discount. Anyone who is not a member of MTAP will pay at the much-higher non-member rate. That means non-member employees will pay $100 or more for a GEAR UP Seminar.
To encourage Active members to enroll their employees in MTAP, we have lowered Associate Member dues to just $27 per year. So when you register that employee for just the GEAR UP 1040, that employee receives a $20 discount, making annual Associate membership a mere $7! And if you register them for two or more seminars, that membership is essentially FREE with the savings you receive!
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