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DIY Practice Sales

Buying or Selling an Accounting or Tax Practice?
Do it Yourself and Save Thousands in Fees!


Everything You Need to Successfully Execute
the Most Important Sale in Your Professional Life!

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Don’t pay a broker or consultant when DIY can save thousands!

  • Interactive Practice Value Calculator™ generates a 98 percent accurate baseline value of your practice or the practice you want to acquire!
  • Comprehensive checklists and aids put you in control of the deal from beginning to end!
  • Our step-by-step methodical process delivers maximum success!
  • Every tool, technique, checklist, template, agreement and resource is included.

About DIY's Author . . .

Lon Goforth has been IAAM's exclusive consultant on buying and selling practices since 2005. His group of highly respected merger and acquisition consultants focus exclusively on the tax and accounting industry. Collectively, they have successfully transacted more than $400 million in combined gross billings deals for firms valued over $1 million to those worth $100,000. Their experiences revealed that firms grossing $500,000 or less in gross billings really needed representation but often could not afford it, so they created and launched DIY Practice Sales, Inc. to insure these businesses had the same tools and resources without having to pay thousands in fees.

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