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AFSP Update for Non-Credentialed Preparers
2015-16 Annual Filing Season Program Update
For Non-Credentialed Tax Preparers Seeking to be
Included on IRS National Registry of Approved Preparers

November, 2015 -- If you are a non-credentialed tax preparer (do not possess a CPA license, an Enrolled Agent (EA) credential, or Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) credential), you may voluntarily choose to participate in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) offered by the Internal Revenue Service so you can:
  1. Have your name included on the IRS registry of approved tax preparers that is available to taxpayers to verify the qualifications of a tax preparer.
  2. Be able to represent your client in limited instances regarding tax returns/reports you have filed on behalf of that client with the IRS.
  3. Receive a "Certificate of Completion" from the IRS that you may display in your office showing your compliance with the AFSP.

The IRS reminds all non-credentialed preparers that it will run daily checks to determine who has renewed their 2016 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and who has met AFSP continuing professional education requirements.  Once the IRS confirms that requirements have been met, it sends that individual an email that provides instructions on how to officially print the Record of Completion.
The Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications will be updated in the beginning of January, 2016 to remove the 2015 participants and add the 2016 participants.

So if you are a non-credentialed tax preparer who prepares returns for a fee, be sure to review the following Annual Filing Season Program information to determine whether you should participate:

About the IRS Annual Filing Season Program

General Requirements for IRS Annual Filing Season Program

RTRP Exemption from ASFP Requirements Information

MTAP Vendor for Approved AFSP Course is Fast Forward Academy

AFSP Course Outline for Passing the Test

VIDEO: How to Obtain Your Record of Completion

IRS Directory of Approved Tax Preparers

MTAP P.O. Box 398 Bath, MI 48808-0398