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Accounting Engagement Letter Templates

Sample Accounting Engagement Letters

Here are some helpful templates for sample accounting engagement letters. Many professional liability/errors and omissions insurance carriers give discounts for practitioners who use these types of letters, so feel free to download and customize these. They can lower your liability issues!

These letters are only examples. Please read them carefully and consider the engagement you are attempting to document.  These letters must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each engagement.  A “canned”  letter might be more dangerous than none at all.  

Before introducing any of these letters into your tax practice, we strongly suggest you consult your attorney, and/or discuss the matter with your professional liability insurer. They may have important information that will affect how you use these letters and what your letters must contain to comply with rules in your state/location.


Sample Confidentiality Engagement Letter for CPAs and EAs

Sample Compilation Engagement Letter

Sample Review Engagement Letter

Sample Audit Engagement Letter for CPAs


Sample Compilation Report Letter

Sample Review Report Letter

Sample Audit Report Letter for CPAs

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